Causes of Blackheads You Must Know

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Why do we get blackheads? Besides knowing the tips of how to prevent blackheads, we must also know the causes of blackheads. So that we will not get it again in the future. Since blackheads surely decrease our confidences. Below are the causes of blackheads you must know.

Rarely Cleanse the Face

Rarely cleanse the face is one of the mistakes that can easily cause the presence of blackheads. If you do not clean your face at the end of the day after wearing makeup all day long, this will cause both blackheads and whiteheads. Before you get them, it will be better if you start to clean your face more routinely and diligently after wearing makeup. Do not directly wash your face with a facial foam but do double cleanse instead.
First, clean your face with a cleansing balm, cleansing oil, or milk cleanser, depends on your skin type. Then, wash your face cleanly with your facial foam. Last, apply toner to return your facial skin pH.

Using Beauty Products Wrong

If you think that you already use expensive and powerful beauty products to get rid of blackheads but you do not get results as you wish, you should check whether you use the beauty products properly right or not. If you use beauty products wrong, it can cause blackheads instead of removing them. For example, if you use a sheet mask and it says you must leave it for 20 minutes, then do not leave it for more than 20 minutes. Your face will be too moisturized. Dirt will easily stick to your face and cause blackheads.

Bacteria on Your Facial Skin

The presence of bacteria on facial skin can also cause blackheads. There are a bunch of factors which cause bacteria on the facial skin, such as using a damp towel or you do not regularly change your pillowcase. This is why it is important to regularly clean your face so that you are able to remove bacteria that cause blackheads.


The hormonal factor is also able to cause blackheads. This hormonal factor is usually experienced by women who are getting their period. So, do not be worried because when your period is done, blackheads can be easily removed. But, there is nothing wrong to regularly and treat take care of your facial skin to prevent blackheads. This is the last cause of why do we get blackheads.