Why do I get blackheads in my face?

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I often wonder why do I get blackheads and it comes again and again although I have clean my face every day. Before reading the causes of blackheads then you also need to know what the blackheads are. There are many people that not confident enough when they get enough blackheads in their face.

What are blackheads and causes?

Blackheads are the type of acne that also called comedones. How do you get blackheads? Blackheads are clogged pores or the hair follicles that collect sebum (the natural oil that gland face makes), dirt, skin cells, and the bacteria. When the gunk in the pores turns out with the open air, they will oxidize and the surface will turn into dark and result in blackheads. The next question, why it comes often appears on the nose? All is because the nose has a lot of glands. Therefore, cleaning and treating your skin face is important to prevent blackheads appear.

What you should not do with blackheads?

After know why do I get blackheads, then it also important for knowing the best treatment for blackheads?

• Stop popping blackheads because it just makes your skin worse. If you need to pop it so always pop your blackheads after thorough the hand washing. Pop the blackheads clean and carefully can prevent your skin from scars.

• Do not use store blackheads removal tools. There are many stores that sell their blackheads removal tools so you can do your own Home DIY facial. However, this can lead to many bacteria and can scar your skin. Forget to use stainless steel blackheads removal instruments and stick to the cleanser and exfoliator.

• Avoid exfoliating in abrasively. Especially for sensitive skin, use harsh exfoliates will lead to irritation and make worsened blackheads. If you notice pain from exfoliates process, then stop using it and try to some others that more gentle ingredients. You can try to use oatmeal as gentle exfoliate.

How to prevent blackheads and treat your skin well?

• Wash your face routinely twice a day. The good treatment of face cleansing is crucial to preventing the reasons why do I get blackheads forming. Use effective face washing treatment depends on your skin type. You can do a consultation with a dermatologist to know the best type of treatment for you.

• Remove the excess oil and dead skin cell in your pillowcase by wash it regularly. Wash at least once a week to remove the buildup of the dirt from the fabric that will keep you from dirt build up.