What’s good for blackheads on the facial skin?

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What’s good for blackheads? Blackheads are indeed really tiny but when they are spreading on your face, they must be really annoying. Moreover, this problem is also considered difficult being removed. Actually, rather than using products offered in the stores, it is more recommended to use remedies available in the kitchen first. Those remedies tend to be safer without giving side effects as well as they are able to remove the blackheads fast. So, what are the remedies?

What’s good for blackheads naturally? It is lime

It actually depends on what you find around. It can be lime or lemon. In general, those citrus fruits contain a high level of vitamin C that has been clinically proven to remove blackheads from the inside. Even many beauty products have used lime or lemon extracts. The way how to use it is very easy. Take the water out from the fruit and then smear and rub it gently on the area with blackheads. Next, rinse the face using clear water.

Aloe Vera Gel

The gel of Aloe Vera undeniably has so many benefits for the skin. It can simply smooth your skin and remove some skin problems at the same time. Well, one of them is blackheads. How to treat blackheads using this natural gel? You can just apply it on your skin while massaging it gently. Wait it for some minutes until it is dry and completely attached on the skin. Rinse it with warm water.


Tomato is another fruit that is rich of vitamin C. That’s why; it is really good for your skin when you apply it regularly. So, how is to apply tomato on the skin? First of all, you can use a blender to smooth it. Pour around 3 tablespoons of water to ease the blending process. Next, it is quite similar to other natural masks mentioned above. Apply the tomato paste on your face particularly the parts with blackheads. Let it dry in around 15 minutes before rinsing it using warm water.

White Egg

Do you want to see the results of lifting blackheads instantly? Well, the white egg is a good answer for this. You must prepare the white egg with some sheets of cotton or tissue. Put the sheets on the egg and then attach them on your face. The process is quite long in which you may wait for around an hour. Then, remove the sheets gently and the blackheads are simply lifted. So, what’s good for blackheads? White egg is one of them.

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