What to Do For Blackheads Using Home Remedies

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What to do for blackheads when they are getting worse? Blackheads are small bumps in black floating from the pores to the surface of the facial skin. This skin problem is under the acne category. However, it is milder without giving you a painful and itchy feeling. But sure, it is really disturbing your daily appearance. Moreover, they are seen mostly in the nose area. So, what should you do to remove them? Below, there are some tips to get rid of blackheads naturally. Here they are.

What to do for blackheads using baking soda

Baking soda must always be in your kitchen if you love making bread or snacks. Interestingly, you can also use it for blackheads treatment. How is it? Make a paste using baking soda and water. Then, apply it on your face and wait for it until the paste is dry. Next, you only need to rinse the mask using warm water. This ingredient is good for keeping the pH level and managing the oil production on the skin.

Coffee Scrub

Many skincare products contain scrub for skin peeling. Well, you can actually make it by yourself using coffee powder. It is so easy to make the coffee scrub; it is only by using coffee powder and water. Similar to the baking soda mask, mix the coffee thoroughly with water and apply it on the skin. It is necessary also to add sugar. Massage and rub the face gently.

White Egg

White egg is really adhesive without hurting your skin. The natural mask from egg skin has a similar function with the peel mask products offered outside. Interestingly, it is not painful at all when you peel the egg from your skin. How to treat blackheads using the white egg? You must prepare the white egg while removing the yolk. Next, soak some sheets or cotton there and apply them on your skin. Wait it until it is dry and then, peel off the cotton sheet.

Hot Water Vapor

Before applying one of the natural masks mentioned above, it is better to use the hot water vapor first. Prepare hot water in a bowl and put your face above it for around 15-30 cm. This treatment must be done for 15 minutes. Later, you can apply the mask or simply rub the face using hot water you use before that has been warmer. This is one of the best ways what to do for blackheads.

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