The Treatment Of Blackheads : Blackheads Pimple, Scar And All

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Blackheads pimple is a common topic when we’re talking about skin health problems. It turns out blackheads and pimples are facial skin health problems that are often encountered by women. Sometimes, the wrong treatment is even worse for the face. Blackheads and pimples can grow anywhere on your body. However, if blackheads and pimples grow on the part of your face, it will be very annoying. You need to know more about the differences between blackheads and zits, so you can handle them well. Of course with good handling, your body skin can come back bright and well-groomed.

Difference between Blackheads and Acne

Blackheads are small bumps on blackface. Blackheads are also included in the category of acne, although still in a very mild stage. Not only on the nose but in fact blackheads can also appear on other parts of your body. For example, such as blackheads under armpits, back, chest, and arms. Blackheads themselves are divided into several types, namely blackheads, white comedones, microcontrollers, and giant blackheads.

Acne is an inflammation that occurs in the skin due to a blockage in the hair follicles caused by dead skin or oil. Just like blackheads, acne can also appear on other parts of your body, especially in parts of the body that have lots of blackheads.

Causes of Blackheads and Acne

Of course, these two skin problems have different causes. Blackheads appear due to the amount of dirt that enters the skin pores and blockages occur. Blackheads appear not only due to dust pollution, the rest of the makeup that is not cleaned properly will also accumulate and cause blackheads.

To avoid blackheads and blackheads pimple, body hygiene also needs to be maintained. We recommend that when bathing, you should clean your body from the rest of the soap or shampoo. This is to avoid the rest of the soap and shampoo becoming blackheads on other parts of your body.
Acne can occur because it is caused by a blockage of hair follicles caused by dead skin, dirt, sebum, and excess oil on your face. Blockage will be inflamed due to infection from bacteria. Blackheads can be a contributing factor in hair follicles. It is better to clean the face and body parts well so that their health is always maintained.

Mistakes that are usually made when cleaning blackheads.

Exfoliate Too Often

Because of their size and location, which is blackheads under the skin, it is sometimes difficult to remove blackheads without damaging the surface of the skin, makes you do a blackheads multiply extractions. Especially if you are tempted to pull it out with your nails. The most effective way to do it at home is to use a facial wash, pore strips, exfoliator, and face mask to absorb all excess dirt from the pores.

Facial exfoliation is necessary, especially in removing impurities and dead skin cells. But unfortunately, too much to do exfoliation can give bad effects to the skin, you know. In addition to sensitive skin, redness, the texture will become drier and more sensitive. As a result, oil production will be more active, so the number of blackheads will continue to grow. To avoid this, it is ideally enough to exfoliate 2 times a week.

Not Preparing the Skin

Most people do the process of removing blackheads without cleansing the skin properly, even without washing your face first. Feel this often? Hmm, from now on, try to change your habits. Before extracting or removing blackheads, several steps must be done so that blackheads can be easily removed. Wash your face with the double cleansing stage, then warm the face using hot water vapor so that the new pores open do blackhead extraction.

Remove blackheads by hand

Never remove blackheads just by pressing them using your hands without any tools. This creates trauma to the skin and causes infection and blackheads scars on the skin. In addition to hand conditions that are not necessarily sterile, this habit can trigger acne because the dirt on the hands can easily move on the facial skin.

Unsterile Extraction Tool

For those who have already used blackheads extraction tools, you are one step more correct. Bur the extraction tool is sterile or not? If not, this will only increase blackheads, you know. Why? Because without realizing many bacteria are not visible in your extraction tool. When using an extraction tool to remove blackheads, this tool will transfer a lot of bacteria in large numbers, which also triggers acne. So, always clean and sterile your extraction tool using 70% alcohol or hot water. Before using this product, make sure you clean it already.

Not using a moisturizer

Many think moisturizers can cause your skin too oily. Though this thinking is wrong. Even for oily skin, even moisturizer products are still needed. In addition to maintaining the skin’s natural moisture, the presence of moisturizer also helps control oil production on the face. Because when the skin lacks moisture, it will produce more active oil. This is a major factor causing the emergence of new blackheads.

As a result of not treating blackheads properly

Pimples appear

Many people think that squeezing blackheads means that you remove blackheads from the pores of your face. Yup, that would have happened if the one who pressed it was a pro using special equipment. But, if you squeeze blackheads using your bare hands, get ready for acne. How to get rid of blackheads this one can make the contents of blackheads even more helped into the skin so that skin follicles will be more inflamed. Haven’t you, you have the potential to put bacteria in your hands into the skin pores, you know. If it’s like this, don’t be surprised if the zits appear on your face tomorrow.

Skin Infection

Not only new wounds, bleeding that appears as a result of squeezing your blackheads or blackheads pimple can also cause facial skin infections, you know. Especially if your hands are not clean so that the bacteria in your hands will move and enter the open skin. Get ready for a nasty facial skin infection.

For further and serious treatment, don’t hesitate to see a doctor and ask for the best advice!