The Bad, the Good, and the Best Treatment for Blackheads

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When you are looking for the most effective treatment for blackheads, there are many options available for you. They can be considered effective, but not all of them are good. Some blackhead treatments can be considered bad, some good, and only the most recommended treatments are considered the best treatments to get rid of blackheads. Let’s dig up each of those treatments to make sure that you choose only the best treatments for your blackheads. But first, let’s understand what a blackhead is.

What Is a Blackhead?

This section will be short and give you only the most basic understanding of what a blackhead is, what causes it, and some factors that increase the risk of blackheads. Its purpose is to let you know the difference between blackheads and other similar skin conditions so that you know that you are addressing the right condition using the right treatment.

Blackhead is a comedo that turns black. Comedo occurs when a skin pore is clogged by a mixture of dead skin cells and sebum. The clogging appears white when it is still covered by your skin—hence whitehead. When the covering skin ruptures and the comedo becomes open, the white melanin will turn black due to the process of oxidation. A blackhead is thus not caused by dirty melanin or a speck of dirt that is trapped in the wound. Even if you keep your affected skin clean, the open comedo will remain black.

A comedo is caused by the increased production of sebum in the sebaceous glands underneath the skin surface. Sebum is oily and a lot of sebum that mixes with dead skin cells will form a gooey substance that clogs the skin pores. The sebaceous glands produce a large amount of sebum due to the hormonal imbalance that occurs when people are entering their puberty period, suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome, suffer from premenstrual syndrome, and take a higher dose of corticosteroids.

Certain habits, including wearing tight clothes, exposing your body to sunray too much, and using comedogenic or oily cosmetics, are considered risk factors for the emergence of comedones and subsequently blackheads.

Bad Treatment for Blackheads

Surprisingly, several treatments are quite effective for removing blackheads, but there are not considered good treatments because of the side effects that they cause to your skin. If you are curious about the treatment that is considered the bad treatment for blackheads, here is a list of effective treatments that—ironically—you should avoid if you don’t want to damage your skin.

1. Picking and squeezing blackheads

Unlike whiteheads that are covered by a layer of skin and therefore difficult and quite painful to pick, blackheads are very easy to pick and squeeze. The experience is quite satisfying and you will rarely feel pain and discomfort after you successfully pop out the blackheads.

However, although the wound appears to be closed and dry after you remove the blackhead, it is not entirely closed. It is still open and prone to infection, which will likely occur after a while because the bacteria that come from your fingers and the surrounding skin area can always infect the wound.

2. Using a comedone extractor or a vacuum

Many shops and even drugstores sell a comedo extractor, which is a metallic tool with a small hole that can be used to remove blackheads. Using this tool to remove blackheads will prevent you from using your bacteria-laden fingers to touch the affected skin area; however, using it is not among the most recommended treatments to get rid of blackheads, because it will still leave the wound open and prone to infection and scarring. A vacuum, which removes the blackhead without any physical contact, is not considered far better than both a comedo extractor and your finger.

Good Treatment for Blackheads

The good treatments for blackheads include all home-based treatments that you do yourself without professional assistance. These treatments are considered good because if done properly and cautiously, they can be much better than the bad treatments above and even the best treatments for your blackheads; however, if you don’t do them correctly, they may not effectively help you remove your blackheads.

1. Using topical remedies

There are several home remedies as well as over-the-counter products that can be applied topically on your blackheads to remove them. Salicylic acid and 12% ammonium lactate are among the most recommended. These exfoliators will loosen the affected area and make the blackheads fall on their own.

2. Using mask

Unlike topical ointments that are applied for a short while and on a very specific spot on your skin, a mask is used full face and over an extended period. Over-the-counter face masks that can remove blackheads are quite numerous. Some home remedies are known for their effectiveness in removing blackheads. Egg white, lemon juice, honey, and raw milk are examples of the best ingredients for full-face blackhead removal masks.

Best Treatment for Blackheads

As said above, all good treatments for blackheads can be considered the best if you do them properly. Proper treatment means using over-the-counter products according to their specific doses and instruction, using hygienic and organic ingredients for your home remedies, and keep your skin properly cleaned and cared for before, during, and after the treatment. Washing your face regularly using warm water to reduce the sebum is also considered a factor that may turn a good treatment to the best one.

What was considered the best blackhead treatment, nonetheless, is the one that is under professional supervision. When you are dealing with blackheads, it is recommended that you consult a dermatologist to get the best advice and treatments for your blackheads. The treatment itself doesn’t always have to be carried out in a clinic, although doing so is considered the best option because you are treated in a perfectly clean and controlled environment. As long as you follow your dermatologist’s advice and use their recommended remedy when treating your blackheads, the treatment that you do is considered the best treatment for blackheads.