The Bad Effects of Blackheads Multiply Extractions

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Blackheads are a skin problem that is experienced by both men and women. This skin problem makes the face looks dirty. Especially if blackheads are on the nose or cheeks, it will surely disturb someone’s appearance. So, it is not surprising that many people do blackheads multiply extractions. They usually extract or squeeze blackheads with their fingers or hands. No matter what methods are used, squeezing blackheads pimple can cause some effects. What are the effects?

Blackheads Multiply Extractions Cause Scars

Extracting or squeezing blackheads, especially with fingers or hands can cause redness and irritation. If you keep squeezing, it will leave scars on the area where the blackheads are. Moreover, sometimes the scars cannot be gone and cause black spots on your face. So, it will make your facial skin condition even worse.

Causing Acne on Your Face

Squeezing blackheads when your fingers or hands are dirty, it will deliver the dirt and bacteria to your facial skin. Blackheads are actually the accumulation of dirt and dust which clogs the pores. And squeezing blackheads pimple with dirty hands will only add bacteria and dirt to your pores. If this condition happens, it is possible that bacterial infection will occur and cause acne on your face. You surely do not want to have acne on your face because of blackheads multiply extractions, right?

Your Pores Will Get Bigger

Squeezing or extracting blackheads will automatically make your facial pores open widely. In other words, your facial pores will get bigger. Dirt, dust, and bacteria will be more easily accumulated in big pores. So, you will easily get blackheads. Moreover, big pores are easily seen so that it will ruin your appearance.

Causing Inflammation and Infection

When you are squeezing blackheads, you are forcing the dirt to get out of your pores and it will tear your skin. Your healthy skin will be peeled off. If you often squeeze blackheads, it will make your facial skin inflamed and infected. Extracting blackheads will only make your skin condition worse instead.

Damaging Blood Vessels in the Brain

When you are doing blackheads multiply extractions on your nose, it can cause a dangerous problem. Because there are blood vessels which are directly connected to your brain in that area. If you squeeze blackheads pimple and cause infection, the infection will spread to your brain. If this condition happens, the blood vessels in the central nerve will be damaged.