Methods on How to Pull Out Blackheads Properly

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Do you have blackheads and are looking for ways on how to pull out blackheads? If you do, then you have come to the right place. As you all know, blackheads are a kind of acne. Blackheads can also appear on other areas beside nose such as the back, neck, and shoulders. Some of those blackheads are even hard to be treated. The first step which you can do is by squeezing or pulling out the blackheads. If you happen to have blackheads on your nose and you want to know how to remove blackheads & whiteheads naturally, then keep on reading this article.

How to Properly Squeeze Out Your Blackheads

There are five steps on how to pull out blackheads properly:
1. First, you need to use a mild cleanser to clean the area which is infected with blackheads.
2. Second, you need to do the steam treatment to soften the plug. Prepare a large bowl of hot water and then hover your head over the bowl.
3. Third, you need to prepare a couple of tissues and then wrap them around on your index fingers to prevent infection from bacteria on your fingers.
4. Fourth, place your index fingers on the blackheads and push down gently.
5. Fifth, try to apply more pressure and move your index fingers up a bit. This action will roll up the blackheads from underneath your skin.
6. Sixth, after you put some pressure, you can move your index fingers up slowly but keep your fingers around the blackheads area.


Do keep in mind that before you start to pull out the blackheads, you need to know first which blackheads will respond to the squeezing. Usually, these squeezing methods can be used to blackheads which appear on chins and noses. Also, you need to prepare another couple of tissues to clean the area when there is a blackhead coming out after you squeeze it. You also cannot apply too much pressure because it will hurt your skin. If the blackhead is ready to come out, you will be able to pull it out easily. However, if you see that the blackhead is hard to be pulled out, then leave it. Do not force it.

Those are the short explanation of what is blackheads and the methods on how to pull out blackheads properly. The key to treat blackheads is patience. You cannot rush the treatment.