Making The Blackheads on Breast Go Away

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Apart from acne, this perhaps one of the biggest concerns that people, especially women always feel. Blackheads surely do not look pretty and we always feel the urge to getting rid of these small bumps on the skin. Blackheads can appear everywhere from nose, chin, all over the face and even on the breast. If you do not have blackheads on face or neck, but you can see and feel it all over your breast and they are enough to frustrate you. Here you will find out that some natural ingredients can make the blackheads on breast go away.

Knowing what blackheads really are

Blackheads together with whiteheads are a type of comedo. This happens when dead skin cells and sebum are clogging the pores. What makes the surface color black is that the sebum and dead skin cells on the skin are opened and gets oxidized by air. You can find blackheads on the face, neck, arms, back, and on breast, because hair follicles are more found in these areas.

Some of the causes

• The occurrence of blackheads is highly related to the production of sebum. That is why age and change in hormonal such as in puberty make comedones and acnes are easy to spot. Adolescence is also the time when blackheads and acne are commonly found since at these times the production of male sex hormones the androgen is at its high level which results in more sebum secretion and skin cells turnover. Still related to hormonal changes, the menstruation, pregnancy and also birth control pills can cause blackheads in women

• The use of sunscreen can cause the occurrence of blackheads in which the chemicals in it will clog your pores and the sweat is stuck inside. However, too much being sun-exposed without sunscreen can also cause blackheads because of the skin to produce extra sebum or skin oil.

• Be more careful if you are the type of person who sweats a lot. Extra sweating will cause body secretions to clog the pores.

• The oils and soap that come from shampoo and soaps from your bath can be the cause of blackheads. Because the residue will clog your pores if you do not clean it thoroughly.

• After you shave the hair from your chest, the residue of the shaving cream that you forget to clean away will also clog the pores and causing the unwanted blackheads on the breast.

• Fungus, bacteria, combined with sebum can also cause the blackheads on the chest. This includes sleeping on dirty sheets, lying down on public places such as a sauna and swimming pool, not to mention the fungal infection that comes from wearing tight clothes.

• This one comes from inside, by eating fatty, greasy and full of sugar unsurprisingly causing unbalance inside your body. Not only on breast you must also think about how to get rid of blackheads on the face as well.

There are so many more cause of blackheads than what has been mentioned above, but those are the most common ones and it is important for you to know.

Natural methods to get rid of blackheads

The following are some of the many ways how to get rid of blackheads naturally. Check all the ingredients in your kitchen, and start making home remedies for those blackheads. These are easy and safe for your skin since the ingredients are mostly natural.

1. Baking soda and raspberry

• Make one cup of raspberry puree
• Put 2 cups of baking soda to the puree, pour some water or lemon juice until it becomes a thick paste
• Prepare an area covered in cloths or plastic to avoid a mess and stain that the raspberry puree will make
• The raspberry and baking soda paste can now be applied throughout your breast or any area needed. Put some on your nose to get blackheads out of the nose. Don’t forget to scrub it to remove any clogs from the pores.
• Leave them for about an hour or 15 minutes if you are in a hurry.
• Remove the dried mixture with warm water first and the cool water to close up the pores.
• Do not apply sunscreens or any moisturizer to prevent new breakout or blackheads.

The raspberry contains high vitamin c that is good for your skin and will also kill the bacteria. The seeds of raspberry are a mild scrubbing agent to help remove the dead skin cells. While baking soda also helps in scrubbing activities, it is also removing the extra oil from the skin.

2. Honey, brown sugar and buttermilk

• A half cup of honey, 2 ½ of brown sugar mixed with ½ cup of buttermilk to form a creamy mix containing brown sugar.
• Prepare an area covered with plastic or cloths as the dropping of this mixture can leave the area with stickiness.
• Apply the mixture to the chest while messaging it to have a scrubbing effect, and removing the blackheads in the process.
• For the ingredients to get deep down in your skin, you need to leave it at least 15 minutes.
• Rinse it out with cold water while using the scrubbing movement to make sure that all dead skin is gone and blackheads are removed.

This mixture option is for you who feel that baking soda is too hard for the skin. Lactic acids from the buttermilk will help to remove annoying blackheads at the same time help the regeneration of new skin cells. Honey is known as an antibacterial agent while a moisturizing substance at the same time. the brown sugar acts as an exfoliant to the dead skin cells, excess oils and grease. So the combination of these three ingredients will make a powerful exfoliator, nourishing and rejuvenating agent for skin.

The keys to fighting blackheads on the breast are knowing the causes and the safe ways to treat them. If you already had the problem for so long, hopefully, this reading will take some burden off of your chest. Well, in this case, it is the blackheads on the breast.