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If Blackheads under the Skin disturbs, Some Magic Ways Can Fight Them

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The presence of blackheads under the skin, especially on the face is quite disturbing appearance. Even more so if there are many of them and are difficult to remove. Blackheads appear due to a blockage in the pores due to increased production of oil glands that are covered by dead skin cells. Excess oil production is caused by increased hormone activity, but it can also be triggered by several things such as bacterial skin infections, irritated hair follicles, Consumption of certain drugs such as steroids, lithium and birth control pills.

Blackheads pimple are divided into two namely white blackheads and blackheads. Blackheads are blackheads that are still closed, while blackheads are blackheads that are already open. Although it does not hurt, blackheads still interfere with the appearance.

The Ways to Remove the Disturbing Blackheads

Here are some ways to help get rid of blackheads under the skin:
1. Use free care products to reduce blackheads pimple. These products are widely available in the form of creams, gels, or plasters that are directly applied to the skin.
2. Medicines under the supervision of a doctor. The drugs given can consist of a combination of antibiotics, vitamin A or other. The composition of the drug given is adjusted to one’s skin condition.
3. Using a blackhead extractor which is usually done by a dermatologist to remove the blockage in the pores. However, this action also has risks such as incomplete blackheads removal, irritation, scarring until blackheads that reappear.
4. Exfoliation with certain chemicals. This technique should also be under the supervision of a doctor because when done can trigger pain until irritation.
5. Microdermabrasion to lift the top layer of skin that has died. This technique is also performed by a doctor.
6. Laser and light therapy are effective for reducing oil production and killing bacteria in addition to removing dead skin cells.
7. Ask your doctor for help if by using free products, blackheads that you complain about are not reduced. Using drugs to remove blackheads should also be consulted first with your doctor.

Preventing the Disturbing Blackheads under the Skin

Besides knowing how to get rid of the blackheads pimple, you also need to know how to prevent them. To prevent blackheads, you can also do the following:

1. Wash your face regularly using soap that is suitable for your skin type
2. Wash your hair every day, especially if your hair is oily because it will get dirty and touch your skin
3. Use facial products that do not contain oil
4. Use exfoliation products such as scrubs or face masks

If the simple way related to remove and prevent the blackheads under the skin above is still difficult to reduce blackheads, please check with your doctor to get more appropriate treatment.