Mistakes to Avoid on How to take out Blackheads

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Instead of the steps on how to take out blackheads, you will be told by this article about the mistakes that you need to avoid when extracting them. Well, these small things are definitely an annoyance and people will do anything on how to prevent blackheads as well as to remove them. Unfortunately, though, some people seem to be desperate and they have no idea what to do when extracting their blackheads.

1. Leaving the skin goes without prepping

The first mistake that you would not want to do when taking out blackheads is that you ignore the importance of prepping your skin. Before you start squeezing those pesky little objects, you definitely will have to ensure that your skin is well-prepped. A good way to do this is by cleaning your face thoroughly and make sure that it is as clean as possible. Besides, in order to open the pores on your face, you can try steaming. Also, always extract your blackheads after you have taken a shower.

2. Not cleaning your hands thoroughly

Well, the first point states that you need to prep your face by cleaning it, but you need to make sure that your hands, especially the fingers, are clean as well since they would be the part of your body that you use to extract the blackheads. This aspect is so important that it is made imperative by any skincare experts and facilities. On how to take out blackheads, cleaning your hand is important since it allows you to avoid any chances to put unwanted bacteria into your pores. Otherwise, your blackheads may get more severe and it may lead to the formation of cysts and pimples.

3. Using your nails

One of the worst things to do when extracting blackheads is to use your nails to assist your attempt. Unfortunately, despite the temptations it provides that it helps to extract blackheads in an easier manner, it is actually a very dangerous method that you should avoid at all cost. If you use your nails when extracting, it would not do you any good but it would harm your skin instead. Your skin may get punctured and your nails would leave undesirable scars without effectively removing the blackheads at all.

Therefore, you need to only use your fingers when extracting. However, if it is too difficult for you, then, you may use an extraction tool on how to take out blackheads.