How to Stop Blackheads: Treating and Anticipating Ways

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Blackheads are a common skin problem, especially on the face. This skin problem is possibly disturbing your physical appearance especially removing blackheads on the nose. Before discussing how to stop blackheads, you have to understand what blackhead is.

How to Stop Blackheads: What Is Blackhead?

Blackheads are a common term of the face pore blockage by the accumulation of dead skin cells, dust, sebum, and makeup produced by hair follicles. The mass blocking it has a gentle texture. All blackheads were initially whiteheads but some get yellowish blacken. It happens on the blackheads near to the skin surface. The outside air exposure and oxidation make the blackheads turn the color to be black and yellow.

How to Stop Blackheads: The Causes

Blackheads generally occur on the skin area having more hair follicles such as face, neck, back, chest, and nose. Some conditions are able to increase the risks of skin disease appearance. Those causes are excessive oil production, bacterial growth on the skin surface, an irritated condition on the hair follicles, a hormonal change, a treatment condition, a particular food consumption, and drug consumption. It requires ways on how to stop blackheads.

How to Stop Blackheads: Anticipation

After you know the description and causes of the blackheads, it is time to reveal the ways on how to treat blackheads. Blackhead is generally not required medical treatment of the doctor. You need to do anticipating ways.

• Using Scrub

It is aimed at lifting dead skin cells causing blackheads. However, make sure that you use scrub products free of fragrance and making your skin not dry.

• Preventing Cosmetics Products with Oil Content

In order to make your face too oily, it is better to change cosmetics products with the non-comedogenic label because it contains little oil.

• Taking Rest and Prevent Stress

The last anticipating way is preventing stress. The stress is able to cause excessive oil production and increase the risks of blackheads appearance on the nose. It needs to get you to take a rest and prevent stress. It will help to accelerate the curing process.

How to Stop Blackheads: Medical Ways

After you do anticipate ways, it is time to cure your blackheads with the medical ways. There are some ways on how to stop blackheads.

• Chemical Peel

It is a way to remove blackheads in which it peels the skin with chemical compound help. It is aimed at lifting dead skin cells and blackheads.

• Laser Therapy

It is conducted to get rid of bacteria and help to reduce excess oil production. It is effective to cure comedo and acne without disturbing the skin condition outside.

• Microdermabrasion

It is generally using a special tool to peel dead skin cells with crystal aluminum trioxide. It is very special to lift blackheads from your skin.

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