how to reduce blackheads

How to reduce blackheads with natural ingredients

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Can I use natural ingredients to remove blackheads and how to reduce blackheads in the future? The answer is, of course, you can use it to remove and prevent it comes to appear again in the future.

How to rid of blackheads with natural ways

Never try to reduce your blackheads by popping and squeeze blackheads. It just tempting and probably becomes the causes of many people are spreads the bacteria from the pore to the skin and also probably lead to the infectious pimple and blown. Since blackheads are clogged pores, then it is important for you to take exfoliate treatment to reducing blackhead. You can buy the over the counter exfoliator that sometimes made with micro beads and other scrubber ingredients but be careful with the potential harsh to the skin. Or you can use to apply these several approaches on how to get rid of blackheads naturally. You can make your own natural exfoliator such as basic sugar scrub, nutmeg and milk scrub homemade, honey and baking soda scrub, gentle oatmeal and lavender facial scrub and mama more.

Ways to prevent and reduce blackheads

Besides the tips on how to reduce blackheads beyond, you also need to make this daily routine treatment that can make you able to prevent the build-up and clogged pores and blackhead appear.

• Avoid washing your face using a harsh cleanser. This will overreact to your skin and make it produce more oil which means buildup more blackheads faster.

• Try to less use makeup as possible. If you love makeup, try to use the mineral or food-based or you can make your own homemade makeup.

• Wash your pillowcase weekly to remove any dead skin cell and oils
• Use astringent such as apple vinegar of hazel after washing your face and before you put the moisturizer.

• It is best to wash your face with the natural ingredients twice a day.

• Once every two weeks, use facial steam to open your pores skin and unclog it.

Tired for removing your blackhead and it looks seems are fail? Do not worry too much. Actually, the blackheads are not very noticeable unless you looked so closely. Other people around us may not notice our skin face, especially the nose as much as we do. After all, they are quite annoying, right? These natural tips on how to reduce blackheads will be great and work effectively to you.