What is comedonal acne? How to treat it?

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Comedones were small acne papules which make you do not feel confident with that look. They usually develop on the chin and forehead. You usually see those papules when you were dealing with acne. You should know that blackheads and whiteheads become a very common type of comedonal acne. Blackheads also have “open” comedonal, then comedonal have the “closed” form. There are some comedonals might not visible by your eyes or known as the microcomones. In other sides, this is also possible to get the larger than just normal blackheads. If you have problem with comedones, then you just looking for on how to get rid of comedones. You can keep reading this article to find out how to recognize your comedonal acne, treatments and more.

How to identify the comedo?

You should know that blackheads were open-faced as mentioned before when the melanin pigment was found inside the sebum which produced by the natural oil glands making contact with the air at the top of open comedones, then they will be oxidized and turning dark. It makes you want to find out the best solution to what helps with blackheads. This is also a reason why blackheads have a darker look. another hand, whiteheads have closed surfaces. They look like the small white or even flesh colored dots as well, how can i get rid of blackheads? You can find it here. You should know that all types of comedones will feel like bumpy when you touch them.

What causes of comedonal acne? So, who at risk?

The typical whiteheads and blackheads were caused by the trapped hair in your follicles. Your skin cells usually shed in the surface which allowing the new cells forming. Sometimes, the dead cells can trap inside the hair follicles. When it was combined with the natural oils inside your pores or sebum, then the clogged will form. what to use for blackheads? how to pull out blackheads? You can check the best options here. This type of acne especially attack adults who have oily skin. This is also very common among smokers.

There are some risk factors for comedonal acne:

• High humidity
• High dairy consumption
• Unhealthy diet – too many sugars and fats
• Overhydrated skin that might be caused by the wrong moisturizer
• Chemical peels
• Injury from picking out or popping your comedones

Here some treatments available

How can I remove blackheads? The key to stopping the comedonal acne are reaching the source – the excess of sebum production and the sebaceous glands. For this reason, the over-the-counter products might be not strong enough to remove the comedonal acne permanently. how to get rid of comedones? There are many options available for you, even this is always better to consult with your dermatologist first.

Ensure that you consult with your health provider first about these following options before you choose the best way to clear blackheads. Meanwhile, you should avoid the tempting of picking out your acne. It will make it worse and cause scarring as well.

Topical treatments

How to easily remove blackheads? You should know that the topical treatment was applied directly to your face in order to control the excess sebum and help you to remove the existing comedones. There are very common options, such as retinoids, azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, sulfur and so on. You have to apply sunscreen every day when you using it topically – especially for the retinoids and acids. This is also powerful treatment which also remove the outer layer of your skin which make you prone to the sunlight. Ensure that you choose a product with SPF 30 or higher. This is can be your best solution for blackheads.

Medication treatments

You should know that OTC topicals become a good start for acne management, but they do not always success. You might need to meet with your doctor in order to get the prescription-strength topical or even oral medication. They might prescribe you with oral contraceptives, antibiotics, isotretinoin, anti-androgen and so on. You should know that anti-androgen medication usually used along with the oral contraceptives on women in order to control sebum. Just like with topical treatments, prescription medications will make you at the risk for the sunburn, so this is also essential to wear your sunscreen every day. You are able to choose products with an SPF around 30 or more.

Surgery treatments

You should know that surgery might be needed if topical and medications failed to clear all of the severe comedonal acne outbreaks. This treatment also can be used to help the recurring comedones. There is some acne surgery using the small blade and needle in order to open and start to remove the comedonal acne lesions. Your healthcare provider might recommend you with the microdermabrasion. To do it, then a machine will blow the small crystals in your skin to rid of the top surface layer. It helps open and removes the comedones. It also can be used to remove any related scares. Cryotherapy is another surgical option. During this procedure, your health provider will apply the liquid nitrogen to the comedones. Then it will freeze them for the removal as well.

Here some home remedies available

Tea tree oil

In alternative medicine, tea tree oil can be used to treat various skin ailments. It can help inflammation and infection. It can be your best thing to remove blackheads.

Charcoal mask

With the comedonal acne, the charcoal mask might work better than other formulations as they help to dry the trapped sebum inside your pores. Even they are able to help to remove the trapped skin cells and dirt. how to clear blackheads on face? You can use natural treatments.

The best approach for comedonal acne is trying to prevent it. Your lifestyle habits can help complete any treatment that you choose. For the acne-prone skin, then gel or cream will work best to remove dirt and oil. You can consider the water-based moisturizer for comedones. This article helps you to answer how to get rid of comedones.

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