Skincare Tips to Eliminate Blackheads

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How to eliminate blackheads – Besides pimples, another annoying skin problem is blackheads. Blackheads are caused by the accumulation of dirt, excessive oil, and dead skin cells that make clogged pores. Instead of pressing blackheads which only makes your facial skin irritates, you can follow these skin care tips below to eliminate blackheads. These tips are also suitable for you who look for how to remove blackheads at home.

Improve Your Skincare Routine

A lot of women use pore strips to get rid of blackheads. However, using this product too often is able to trigger facial irritation. This is why it will be better if you improve your skincare routine first to remove and prevent blackheads. Moreover, use skincare products which have a non-comedogenic label.

Clean Your Face Thoroughly

One of the most effective skincare routines to get rid of blackheads is by thoroughly and regularly clean your face. If you wear makeup all day long, directly clean your face at the end of the day. Do a double cleansing instead of directly wash your face to remove your makeup. When you are washing your face, it will be better if you use a tool, such as a brush which is specifically designed for facial deep cleansing. This brush is very helpful to clean up your face until deep inside your pores. Do not forget to use a mild facial foam or facial wash that is suitable for your skin type.


If your face is already cleaned, you can exfoliate your facial skin in order to make sure that your pores are totally cleaned and dead skin cells are removed. Exfoliation is one of the most effective ways to get rid of blackheads and dead skin cells. However, do not exfoliate your facial skin every day because it will irritate your skin. Do exfoliation once or twice a week by using an exfoliating mask or scrub.

Apply Toner

The next skincare routine to get rid of blackheads is applying toner. You can use toner once you have already cleaned and exfoliated your face. This skincare product is able to return your skin moisture, keep your skin pH, and calm your pores. Pour toner to cotton and then softly tap or rub it to your facial skin. Or you can directly spray it to your face, depends on the toner product you choose. This is the last skincare tip of how to eliminate blackheads.