How to Deal with Blackheads in The Right Ways

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Your dermatologist knows clearly how to deal with blackheads. Yet, you do not have to ask about how to remove blackheads or how do you get blackheads to your dermatologist. You can get all the information you have been looking for about blackheads in this article. Blackheads can be very annoying for some people. Besides, blackheads are every person’s problem. Whether you have blackheads or not, you still need to know how to get rid of it.

The Process of Removing Blackheads

You should keep in mind that blackheads cannot be removed permanently. It is because the underlying problem of blackheads is the excessive oil produced by your skin. Therefore, as long as your skin produces oil, there will be a probability of blackheads to appear again. Blackheads can reform in 20-40 days. Thus, treating blackheads is an on-going process. You should know this so you will not get frustrated when blackheads appear again after doing your treatment.

Physical Exfoliator

The first thing of how to deal with blackheads, before using any over-the-counter products, is to use a physical exfoliator. It is the simplest way to deal with blackheads. Physical exfoliator helps to remove the upper layer of dead skin cells. In other words, using physical exfoliator prevents old skin cells to get dirt and thus causing blackheads to appear. However, over-exfoliate is not recommended because it can worsen the blackheads problem. The inflammation will get deeper and worsen the blackheads spots. In addition, it can also cause dryness and irritation for your skin. It is suggested to use a physical exfoliator once a week.

Clay Masks

Clay mask is very beneficial for you if you have acne or blemish-prone skin. Clay mask is super effective to remove impurities out of your skin as well as reducing oil production. Using a clay mask once a week can help in dealing with blackheads. Do not forget to exfoliate your skin first before applying the clay mask. Exfoliate your skin can make the clay mask to penetrate the skin and thus removing blackheads from pores.

After trying those two methods, you can also do other things. The first is to change your makeup. Some makeup formula can clog your pores and cause blackheads to appear. Know the formula of your makeup so you will not end up having more blackheads. The last thing of how to deal with blackheads is to change your skincare to non-comedogenic products which can prevent blackheads to appear on your skin.