How Do You Get Blackheads? Is There An Easy Cure for It?

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When you thought about blackheads, surely some folks must have been asking themselves questions like ‘how do you get blackheads?’ or ‘what kind of malady I have contracted to be filled with blackheads?’. Blackheads re annoying to look at. They bear no dangerous consequences to your health, but it can be a bit ‘damaging’ to your reputation because people who got blackheads on their face are more often than not being called people who cannot keep their hygiene intact. Not only that, it will also ruin your beauty because there is no one in the world who thought that blackheads can be made into something beautiful. People love freckles, yes, but blackheads are not freckles (no matter how you see the semblance).

Why do I get blackheads?

If you often found yourself asking about how do you get blackheads, then you will find the answer here. Blackhead is a phenomenon that occurs naturally when you are living, and there is no medication that can help you free yourself from them forever.

Contrary to the popular understanding, blackheads are not dirt particles getting stuck on your face, no. They might look like it, but dirt particles would not cause such a thing to your face. Dirt particles will do your face bigger damage with nastier repercussions, putting blackheads’ very own to shame.

Instead of dirt particles, blackheads are formed thanks to your dead skin cell getting oxidized. Do you what cause oxidation? Oxygen, dear fellows, so unless you live in an oxygen-free zone, you WILL develop blackheads on your face. Sadly, you need oxygen to live, hence the reason why we say that blackheads will occur naturally when you are living.

That being said, there are ways for you to remove them, so there is no need for you to worry if you start to grow one or more of them. The removal process comes in many forms, though several of them are processes that are somewhat not recommended. You are, however, free to do what you think is best for your body, so we would not be judgemental.

So how to get rids of blackheads permanently?

Before we fill your mind with unobtainable things such as permanent freedom from blackheads, there is one thing that we must say to you: there is no way you can remove blackheads permanently. Yes, they can be removed when you get one, but that does not mean you would be free from blackheads forever. Blackheads are something that you would need to fight with for a long time, and you can even say that it is a permanent war of a sort for you. No biggies, though, as the fight would not harm or even kill you unless you are doing something very wrong with your blackheads.

The necessary tips to remove blackheads

We want to start this section by saying that there is practically a LOT of ways for you to get rid yourself of your blackheads. There are the natural ways, there are forceful ways, there is the synthetic ways, and other ways except those. Because talking about all of them is definitely a huge bore, we are going to talk about the most prevalent of the ways, which is the ‘synthetic’ ways.

What we meant by synthetic ways are ways that used human-made tools to work. This involves things like facial washes, facial clinics, facemasks, and even oral medicatio

Facial to get rid of blackheads

We are sure you have heard of this thing called facial. Its meaning depends on what kind of thing you have been looking for, yes, but the facials that we are going to talk about today are clinic facials, one that you can get from a dermatologist. You can find many skin clinics offering facial programs that you can join, and those facial programs are definitely stuff that you could do if you want to get rid of blackheads. The dermatologists themselves apply techniques that only dermatologists know about, but we can definitely say that some of them used lasers to cut your blackheads clean off your face (which is cool and a bit prickly).

Face mask to get rid of blackheads

If a visit to the skin clinic is too expensive for you, then you should try going to a convenience store and get yourself a face mask or two. It works sometimes, though it would only work if the blackhead is still a brand new blackhead.

You can also use contraceptive pills as one of the ways to remove blackheads

We are not sure about this method, but contraceptive pills have been known as a medication for acne, and because acne and blackheads are almost the same, we might as well put this one here.

Do you know how to eliminate blackheads without spending money?

There is a way for you to do that, and it is actually not something that is very surprising to be honest. All you need to have are your fingers, and the only thing you to do is to apply pressure on the place with the blackheads. If your nose is dotted with blackheads, press it down and the blackheads will start coming out of your nose like worms. This is not the most synthetic of ways as much as it is a forceful way, but it is one of the things you can do to rid yourself of blackheads without having to spend a dime.

Be mindful that this method works only for newly produced blackheads. You would not be able to get rid of old or persistent blackheads this way.

But what about the instantaneous ways? How do you remove blackheads instantly without damaging the skin?

The most instantaneous of ways involves you getting pushy, just like the one mentioned above. It will remove your blackheads instantly, but it might leave you with several scarring.

You can use toothpaste and salt if you want to because it is the method that is more often than not instantaneous in is working. Mix toothpaste and salt and you will get a cream of a sort that you can apply on the blackheads. Wait for them to dry and rip them off. If you see a sort of black dots on the toothpaste cream, then congrats for you because you have removed your blackheads instantly.

You said that there are natural means on how to take off blackheads. What are those?

A lot of them, but one of them involves green tea, and that is definitely the easiest of the ways. Just turn the leaves into a paste, rub them on your face, wait for a few minutes, and wash your face. Not only it will leave your skin free of blackheads, it will also exfoliate it.

Finding green tea leaves might be something that can get a bit hard, especially if you are living in places where green tea leaves are not a common occurrence. They are expensive, too. More of the natural methods will be discussed in a later article.

Lastly, how to deal with blackheads embarrassment?

Blackhead embarrassment is actually something that is more commonplace that most people know. Just like acne, the only thing that you can do to avoid blackhead embarrassment is to wear a face mask on the pretence of you being sick. After all, blackheads are a sort of sickness in itself, yes? If it is not, people would not even bother asking things like ‘how do you get blackheads?’ and other questions of a similar nature.

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