How Do You Get Blackheads, Things You Should Know

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If you ever wonder how do you get blackheads, this article contains your answer. Some people often deal with acne, while the rest deal with blackheads. People who deal with both of them may have quite a difficult time in their life. Though both acne and blackheads are not as dangerous as other types of skin disorder, they still give an unpleasant look if they appear on your face. Although most people often have blackheads on their skin, most of them do not know what makes blackheads appear.

Blackheads, what are they?

The first thing you should know about how do you get blackheads is to know what blackheads are. Basically, blackheads are bumps which appear on your skin. These bumps are caused by the hair follicles which are clogged. The clog then is called blackheads because the surface looks black or dark. Though blackheads and acne are different, blackheads are still a type of mild acne.

Usually, blackheads often appear on the face, but in some cases, blackheads also appear on different body parts such as back, chest, and shoulders. Blackheads are the most common skin problem, besides acne, that people often deal with.

The Cause

Since blackheads are clogged follicle hair, now you need to know why the follicle hair is clogged. One thing you should know, each of the follicles contains one hair and a gland that produces oil. Dead skin cells and oil together produce a bump which is called a comedo. When the skin over the bump stays closed, it is called a whitehead.

On the contrary, if the skin is opened, it is called a blackhead. The black and dark look is caused due to exposure to the air. The first common cause of the blackheads is your skin is producing too much body oil. The more body oil your skin produced, the more clogged follicle hair you will have, thus, way more blackheads. The other reason is your hair follicle gets irritated because the dead skin cells do not shed regularly.

Blackheads can be treated by over-the-counter treatment or prescription medications. Besides, there are lots of natural remedies you can use to treat the blackheads. Just search for how to get rid of blackheads at home and you will find some natural remedies for treating your blackheads. Reading the article, you now have the answer to how do you get blackheads, haven’t you?