What Ingredients You Can turn into a Face Mask That Pulls out Blackheads?

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You can find a face mask that pulls out blackheads in supermarkets, but what if you want to go the natural way? The supermarket face masks are definitely masks that can work, though you might want to reduce the intensity of buying them because most of them are pretty darn expensive.

What you can do, however, is to go to a different aisle of the supermarket and find other ingredients that can be turned into a face mask that pulls out blackheads off your face. What are those ingredients?

You can turn honey into a face mask that pulls out blackheads without difficulties

A lot of people think that honey is the best blackhead remover for nose. Is it true, though?

All face masks need to be adhesive in nature so that the blackheads will stick to them. One of nature’s most used glue is honey, so instead of exclusively eating your honey, why not turn them into a face mask?

You obviously need unfiltered honey if you want to turn it into a best blackhead remover for nose, so those honey you see in a supermarket might not cut it for you (while supermarket honey got a lot of sugars on them, they are oddly ineffective for removing blackheads). Get to the closest bee farm or go to a farmer market’s instead and you are bound to see honey that is just taken from a beehive. Buy those kinds of honey and put some of it on your face. Wait overnight when you are sleeping (or working) and clean them off with a warm cloth by the morning.

The mask should work instantly, but if it is not, you can repeat the process again and again. You would not face any repercussion by doing this unless you sleep somewhere close to ants.

Egg whites are also perfect if you are trying to make a face mask that pulls out blackheads easily

Next, we want to tell you that egg whites are also a perfect candidate if you are trying to make a blackhead mask. Along with honey, egg whites are something that is very adhesive, which means they make for a good face mask for your blackheads. Just apply some on places with a lot of blackheads and wait for several minutes before pulling them off.

If it does not work, you can make the face mask thicker by adding layers of tissue papers on it. Seeing that egg whites are not in any way dangerous to your skin, this method is perfect if you are afraid of damaging yourself. Egg whites are also very nutritious to the skin, so you are basically removing blackheads while doing a skin treatment at the same time. An egg face mask that pulls out blackheads is easy to make and very easy to apply at the same time, so you got no reason not to try this method.