Easy and Safe Steps How to Extract Blackheads

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How to extract blackheads? This question is often asked by those who are really insulted by blackheads on their faces. Yes, despite the acne and dark spots, blackheads are skin problems experienced by many people. Their presence is not only really disturbing for the appearance but also make the skin feel not comfortable. In fact, blackheads and whiteheads are indeed occurred due to the excess of oil plus dirt and sebum.

There are indeed some methods to get rid of the blackheads. One of them is by applying certain masks made from white egg or honey. Unfortunately, for some people, those methods are considered not effective. They cannot remove the blackheads instantly and the problems can just be back after the treatments.

On the other hand, some beauty centers have a method to remove the problems. It is by extracting the blackheads using particular tools. So, is it possible for you to extract them by yourself? Yes, it is but you need to follow some steps and instructions below. Therefore, you can avoid side effects like inflammation and damage.

Widening the Pores

The first thing you must do before extracting blackheads is enlarging the pores first. There are generally 2 ways to widen the pores; they are by washing the face using warm water and steaming it. Both can just be done manually at home although in the beauty center, there must be special tools for this.

The easiest way is, of course, by using warm water. Prepare around a bowl of water and they smear it to your face several times. It is until you feel your facial skin getting smoother and more relaxed. On the other hand, the first treatment of facials for blackheads can also be through the steam. Prepare hot water and place your face above it.

For the second way, the process of widening the pores tends to be faster. Besides, it is helpful also to pull the sebum and blackheads to the surface of the pore. But sure, since you are definitely using hot or boiled water, it is quite risky mainly if you are not careful.

Using Blackhead Extraction Tools

People may think that the blackheads can be taken using any tool around. Some of them even use a clothespin and bobby pin for this. Unfortunately, this perception is wrong. Although they may simply take your blackheads out, those tools can give other problems like wounds and irritation. Sure, you must use the blackhead extraction tools. The prices are more expensive indeed but they are much safer than those pins.

So, how to clean nose blackheads using the tools? There are some holes available on the tool. For pulling the blackheads, use the smallest hole. It is to avoid too big damage to the facial area. As information, the bigger holes are used to pull dirt on the skin also but not on the facial area. People even use it for the back area.

Pull Them Out Gently and Carefully

The most common mistake done by people in pulling out the blackheads is being too aggressive. Well, how to extract blackheads this way is probably very effective. But often, it causes damage and inflammation on the skin. The effect is even worse. There will be dark spots or scars in the future that are more difficult to be removed.

So, it means you must pull the blackheads out very gently and carefully. Push the surrounding skin first so that the blackheads are pushed outside. Then, use the hole on the tool to pull it. Undeniably, by doing this method smoothly, it takes much time. Moreover, it is when the blackheads are too many. But sure, for the best effect for your skin later, it is just really worthy.

Wash Your Face

At the beginning of the process, you must wash your face using warm water. In the opposite, you must wash your face with cool water after the extracting process is over. Sure, it is to tighten your pores automatically after they have been widened during extraction.

In washing your face, you are also suggested to be really careful. There is a possibility that there is a tiny wound on your face that can be inflamed when it meets the water. You should not directly shower the water on your face. Prepare clean and hygienic water in a bowl. Use a smooth towel to smear the water on the face. Repeat it 3-4 times in the process of how get rid of blackheads fast. Then, it is okay to sparkle the cool water after that.

Use Toner or Moisturizer

Doing some treatments is important after that to avoid the dirt and sebum to form into blackheads. Of course, if you have found that blackheads are your main skin problems, the skincare used must also solve it. Or, it is also good to use skincare products that are light with water-based structure so that it is safer for your skin.

The best skincare products to apply after the blackhead extraction are toner or moisturizer. They are basically functioned to smooth and moisturize skin. Besides, it is possible also to use facial cleaner liquid that is applied by using a cotton sheet or a facial mask homemade for blackheads. Continue it with next beauty rituals like washing the face one more time.

Clean the Tools

After having been done with your face, not to forget, clean the blackheads extraction tools. You can use the skin cleaner to remove the dirt on the small holes there. After you are sure that there is no more dirt, wash it using liquid soap. Of course, when you need to use it later, the tool must be in a really good and clean condition.

It is important also to keep the tools in clean and closed storage. There must be a special placement for it that is free from dirt and dust. Even when you want to use it again later, cleaning it once again using the cleaner is necessary. Those are the best steps on how to extract blackheads anyway.