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Daily Habits that Can Cause Blackheads

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Blackheads appear because pores are clogged by oils and dirt. Even though it is small, blackheads can ruin our appearances. It makes our makeup looks unnatural. Besides excessive oil and dirt, our daily habits can also cause blackheads without us even know it. So, what are those daily habits of how to get blackheads?

Consuming Too Many Oily Foods

The condition of your skin is affected by what you consume every day. Consuming too many oily foods is able to damage your skin and cause blackheads and acne. This is why, it will be better if you stop or at least consume less oily foods if you do not want to get blackheads on your face. Instead, consume more fruits and vegetables that can nourish and keep the health of your skin.

Touching Face Often

The next habit of how to get blackheads is touching the face too often. If you have a habit of touching your face too often, you must control it from now on. It is because touching the face can be one of the causes of blackheads. Especially if you touch your face with a dirty hand, the bacteria in your hand will transfer to your face and causes acne and blackheads. If you want to touch your face, make sure you already wash your hands first.

Not Washing the Face After Working Out

After working out or doing other activities, you will be sweating, won’t you? Some people leave the sweat until it dries and do not wash their faces after that. However, this habit is really bad for the skin. Sweat is able to clog facial pores and cause blackheads and also acne. So, directly dry your sweat with a clean towel and cleanly wash your face after working out. Especially if you plan to wear makeup later.

Not Properly Clean Your Makeup

Blackheads are about clogged pores. So that any habits that are related to clogging pores surely can cause blackheads. One of them is not properly and thoroughly clean makeup. Especially if you do not remove your makeup before you go to bed after wearing makeup all day long. If you do this, you will likely get blackheads the next morning.

If you have blackheads, you can look for ways of how to get rid of blackheads naturally. Using natural ingredients is way safer. Moreover, do not forget to avoid habits of how to get blackheads.