Blackheads Under Armpits, a Sign You Are Experiencing This Pain

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Blackheads under armpits are different on the face or other body parts. Blackheads under armpits can be a sign that you are experiencing a serious illness, and are worse than blackheads pimple.

Blackheads under armpits are usually known as hidradenitis suppurativa. This is an inflammatory disease that occurs in your armpits. Usually, it does appear in areas of the body that sweat easily, one of which is in the armpits.
Of course, this is very different from the blackheads pimple. Blackheads under armpits are usually chronic. Because, although it can disappear by itself, sometimes it will appear again after that and does not require a long time, also in the same place position.

In contrast to blackheads pimple, blackheads under armpits usually attack the sweat glands, especially in the armpits only. So, from now on, check if your armpits also have blackheads under armpits. Immediately consult a doctor if there is so to get the right handler from the doctor to overcome the blackheads under the armpits.

Symptoms and signs of blackheads under armpits

As an unusual disease, blackheads under armpits will have several signs and symptoms felt by the sufferer, including:

1. Soft red bumps
In this part, the armpit will have a soft lump that feels hot and itchy. If it is severe, the shape will be like pus.

2. A lump as big as a bean
The size of the lump that appears is generally like a bean. Of course, this will make a very uncomfortable feeling later on the armpit.

3. There is a hole formed
Usually in the armpits will appear holes in the fester that fester. This is normal for sufferers who have been infected with blackheads under these armpits.

If all the symptoms and signs that you feel, it would be nice for you to immediately consult a dermatologist. If you delay consulting your doctor, it will certainly make blackheads under armpits worse.

Anyone who can suffer from blackheads under armpits

Usually, sufferers who experience blackheads under armpits range after starting from 20 years or teenagers who are experiencing puberty in adolescence. At this time is the time when the body begins to adjust to becoming an adult.

In addition, those who like to smoke and have excessive body weight can also creak blackheads under these armpits. Heredity due to being born from a family who has a similar disease can be someone suffering from blackheads under these armpits.

Blackheads under armpits can be cured?

So far, no one has been able to cure blackheads under armpits. Basically, after consulting a doctor, usually, the doctor will only prescribe medication to reduce or control symptoms. This is caused by its chronic nature, coming and disappearing by itself.

To overcome that, some suggestions that can be followed are:
1. Set dietary patterns
2. Avoid foods that contain high sugar and flour because it can make blackheads under armpits recur
3. Reduce the consumption of dairy products
4. Use loose underwear
5. Warm compresses to reduce the pain caused by blackheads under armpits
6. Always keep yourself clean

That is information about blackheads under armpits.