Blackheads Tea Tree Oil, Natural Ingredients for Your Face

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There are many ways to overcome blackheads pimple, one of them is using blackheads tea tree oil. This method is done by utilizing tree oil from a plant called Melaleuca Alternifolia. This plant usually thrives in the country of Australia.

Because it has been proven to be safe for use on the face, it is only natural that blackheads tree tea oil is trusted in addition to removing blackheads pimple, as well as being used as an ingredient in making cosmetics for the face.

Blackheads tea tree oil is also known as a natural disinfectant, because of its anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, it is not only used as ingredients for making cosmetics but blackheads tea tree oil is also used as some treatments and also some health products.

In addition to treatment for blackheads pimple, blackheads tea tree oil is also used as a treatment for head lice, fungal infections, and even mouthwash. Very good is not the benefit of blackheads tea tree oil.

Blackheads tea tree oil as a facial moisturizer

Blackheads tea tree oil can be a variety of processed cosmetic products that are good and safe without chemicals for the skin. For example, one of them is that we can process it into a facial moisturizer for our faces.

The method is as follows:

1. Washing face
Wash your face first with warm water before applying a facial moisturizer made from blackheads tea tree oil later. This is done so that the pores of your face open when coated by facial moisturizer later.

2. Facial moisturizer
After that, prepare a container like a small bowl. Then pour a non-comedogenic moisturizer, just a little. After that, you can mix it with a few drops of blackheads tea tree oil, and stir until everything is evenly distributed.

3. Apply to all faces
After that, then you can apply facial moisturizer from the blackheads of tea tree oil that you made to your entire face.

How easy isn’t it? That’s how to use blackheads tea tree oil as a facial moisturizer.

Blackheads tea tree oil for oily skin problems

Anti-bacterial properties possessed by blackheads tea tree oil make it an ingredient for making natural facial cosmetics without chemicals. Even so, blackheads tea tree oil is not just for that.

This tea tree blackheads can also be used to overcome the problem of oily skin as well. This is evidenced by a study in 2016 in which the use of sunscreens containing blackheads tea tree has succeeded in improving the condition of oily skin.

If you want to make your sunblock using blackheads tea tree oil, just mix a few drops into the toner, moisturizer or sunscreen that you normally use every day. After that, stir until blended, and your homemade black tree tea tree oil sunscreen is ready.

Blackheads tea tree oil for others

Blackheads tea tree oil has been known to overcome skin problems on the face and other skin. However, did you know that black tree tea oil can also be used for other health because of these benefits?

Some of them are believed to be drugs to heal wounds and also drugs to cure gingivitis. So, for example, if you experience similar problems, then later you can take advantage of these black tree tea oil blackheads.