Blackheads on Chest Won’t Be Problem Anymore with These Best Solutions

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Have blackheads on chest problem? If you have it, you must agree that this acne can become one of the serious problems you have to face. No need to worry. Every problem in your life always has a solution you can use to deal with it. It means the blackheads that pop up on your chest area also can be solved if you know the solution for it. And, guess what, we have what you need here. Below, you can find several effective and safe methods you can use to treat your chest acne, including the blackheads severe problem.

Best Cure for Blackheads with Tomato, Garlic, and Salt

In many cases, the blackheads problem is caused by fungal or yeast infection. The best treatment for this problem is to scrape off those fungi or yeast. Therefore, using scrub is the best solution you can try. The first scrub mixture you can try here is the tomato pulp, garlic paste, and iodized salt scrub. The tomato has a lot of Vitamins and Lycopene. These substances can prevent the blackheads breakout as well as heal your skin that already got the blackheads problem.

Garlic has allicin inside. This is one of the best disinfectants you can find. It can kill all kinds of fungus and yeast. So, if you use it on the blackheads problem, the fungus and yeast, which is the source of the problem can be dealt with without too much hassle. Plus, Vitamin C, Zinc and magnesium inside is also useful for your skin’s health. So, we can say that this is the best cure for blackheads.

You need a garlic paste here. You can make it yourself, or you can buy the already-made paste from the store. If you use the product from the store, find the product that also has canola or olive oil inside. It will give you other health benefits.

The last but not least is the iodized salt. The rough form of the salt will become an exfoliant that can clean your skin pores. It also removes the oil and when it is mixed with the other two; you get a very powerful scrub for your blackhead problem.

Now, let’s start to make the scrub.

– Add one cup of tomatoes (choose the organic and unpeeled tomatoes) in a blender,
– Add five cloves of garlic (peeled) in a blender,
– Blend until it becomes well-mixed mixture,
– Add 1 ½ cups of iodized salt into the mixture,
– Mix it with a spoon until it becomes a paste.

Once you get the paste, you can start to apply it to blackheads on chest. Scrub it gently on the blackhead infected area. If there is an area with a severe case, scrub the paste a little bit harder on that area to make sure it removes all the fungus and yeast infection from that area.

Wait for 15 minutes to 1 hour before you wash it with hot water. This mixture uses garlic, so it’s not surprising if your chest will smell like garlic. To remove this scent, when you wash it with hot water, you also can use lemon soap. Choose the natural/organic lemon soap for safety. After you wash it clean with hot water, wash it again with cold water. You need to do it to close your skin pores to prevent fungus or yeast to enter it and cause another infection which can lead to another blackhead problem.

Greek Yogurt and Rose Clay

Maybe this is the first time you heard about these two ingredients. They are indeed one of the uncommon ingredients that you won’t find easily in your kitchen. But, we can say that those two are one of the best ingredients you can use for the best way to remove blackheads.

Greek yogurt can prevent the scar and even make your skin looks younger. And, rose clay can absorb the toxin and oil out of the infected skin to make the cleansing process work easily. This ingredient also has antibacterial and anti-fungal substance. Both of these abilities are the powerful weapon you can use to deal with the acne problem, including the blackheads.

Moreover, Rose Clay doesn’t only deal with the blackhead that is caused by a hygiene problem. If the blackheads also are caused by the hormonal change because of menopause or pregnancy, rose clay also can help you to solve it.

Now, how can we use the most effective way to remove blackheads using Rose Clay and Greek Yogurt? First of all, you need to get Rose Clay. You can find it at a food store or drug store. When you buy it, you will get a jar of this ingredient. You only need two cups of Rose Clay for this scrub.

The Greek Yogurt can be bought at the department store. Maybe you also consume it every day. So, it won’t be a problem. And for the yogurt part, you will need one cup of Greek Yogurt. Once you have them, mix it in a bowl. Use a spoon to mix it. After it becomes a mixed paste, you can apply it on your chest. Use your hand because this mixture also has a health benefit for skin. So, it also can make your hand skin healthier.

And, just like the previous method, wait for 15 to 60 minutes before you wash it with hot water, then cold water for closing the pores. You can do this treatment three times a week. Do it regularly and after two or three weeks, you will see the clear result.


Of course, you also need to do something to prevent the blackhead occurrence. You can use an easy method for this purpose, such as wearing clothes that can make your chest skin breathing. Also, keep your clothes clean. Take a bath two times a day is also necessary if you want to keep your chest skin and other areas in your body, clean from dirt and bacteria that can cause acne problem. That way you can prevent blackheads on chest.