Blackheads on Chest Solved Easily with These 3 Solutions

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Blackheads on chest could become one of the most annoying problems you have to face. First of all, it feels uncomfortable. The itchiness and sometimes the pain make you unable to do your activity as usual. Moreover, if you plan to go to the beach and wear a bikini, for a girl, or take off your t-shirt, for a boy, the black dot on your chest area will surely give unpleasant sight for others. Knowing this problem, you must find the solution to remove this irritating acne. So, we are here to help you. We have several good methods for dealing with blackheads that pop up on your chest area.

Tea Tree Oil for Blackheads

Tea tree oil is well-known as one of the ingredients with many health benefits. One of them is the anti-microbial properties. As we all know, blackheads and other acne type are caused by the infection from bacteria. Therefore, applying the tea tree oil is a good choice, if you want to treat the blackhead and eventually, heal the area where this acne occurs.

Tea tree oil also has other properties, which is anti-inflammation properties. This is another important effect that you need to treat your blackheads. Blackhead acne mostly causes the skin swollen. This is all because of the inflammation effect that is caused by bacteria. So, tea tree oil can solve this problem by easing the swollen part, which will support the healing process of the acne.

However, using tea tree oil directly will be difficult and too expensive. The best solution is using the product that contains tea tree oil as its one of its active ingredients. This kind of product, especially the natural-based product, will give you a similar effect. For example, if you use a product with 5 percent of tea tree oil for blackheads, it will give you a similar effect to the product with 5 percent benzoyl peroxide.

But, you need to understand that using a natural product like tea tree oil won’t give you instant effect or result. The ingredient will work slower and naturally. And, after several days or weeks of regular usage, you will get the result. This is a good thing. It won’t harm your body and cause too many side effects.

Using Buttermilk, Honey, and Brown Sugar Scrub

These three ingredients are the perfect solution for blackheads on chest. Each of them has useful properties that can treat your acne problem. First of all, buttermilk has many lactic acids in it. This substance removes the blackheads and other acne types. Moreover, it also can stimulate cell regeneration on your skin, so it can restore its condition. This effect prevents a scar from occurring after the blackheads have been successfully treated.

We all know that honey is one of the amazing natural ingredients. Its strong antibacterial properties can easily kill many kinds of dangerous microorganism that harm your health. That’s not all. Honey also kills Candida yeast, one of the common microorganisms that cause blackheads. Now, you know that this is the best ingredients, right?

The last ingredient is brown sugar. Brown sugar will act as the exfoliant. It will remove the dead skin and the tissue that can cause another skin problem in the future. Moreover, the brown sugar also can nourish the skin and remove the excess oil. All of these functions are important to treat the blackheads problem.

How to get rid of all blackheads using this scrub? It is easy. Mix ¾ cup of buttermilk, 2 ½ cups of coarse brown sugar, and ½ cup of liquid honey. Use a bowl to mix them easily. Once it becomes a paste-like mixture, it is ready to apply to your chest area.

Apply it using a circular motion while massaging the area where you find the blackheads. Wait for 15 minutes. Or, if you have enough time, you can wait for one hour to strengthen the effect. After that, you can wash it with water. It would be better if you use cold water. It helps your skin pores to close that prevent any dirt or substance to enter it which can cause another break.

Treatment Using Raspberry and Baking Soda

You can easily find these two in your kitchen as they are the common cooking ingredients that you usually use. However, they also have properties that can be used for treating blackheads break, especially for the case that occur on your chest area.

The raspberry contains very high Vitamin C that helps your skin regeneration process and it has healing properties as well. Moreover, the raspberry has small seeds inside that can be used for scrubbing the skin to optimize the effect of treatment.

Baking soda also has good property for acne treatment. The baking soda can normalize the pH level of your skin. Your skin will have a more alkaline condition. And, the fungus and bacteria can’t live in the skin with this condition. Moreover, it also can work as scrubs for your skin.

Now, if you want to use this best treatment to remove blackheads, first of all, you need to make a raspberry puree. Use a blender and a cup of raspberries. You also can leave the stem and leaf of raspberry, if any, when you make it into a puree. The leaf and stem also have antibacterial properties and it also can become exfoliant.

Then, mix the raspberry puree and two cups of baking soda using a blender. You also can add a bit of water, if you think it’s too thick. Once it’s well-mixed, you can apply it to your blackheads area. Wait for 15 minutes to one hour. Then, you can rinse it to clean it. For better result, use hot/warm water to wash the mixture from your chest. After that, use cold water to close the skin pores to prevent further problem.


A blackhead, especially those that are located on the chest, is indeed annoying. However, with the simple methods, we explained above, you don’t need to worry anymore about it. Use them and get ready to be freed from blackheads on chest.