Chemical or Natural Way of Acne and Blackhead Treatment You can Choose

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If you suffer from blackheads and acne, you must be in need to have the best acne and blackhead treatment. There are many reasons why people suffer from blackheads and acne. The excess of oil, hormonal fluctuation, and bacteria can be the causes of those two. There are various medications for treating pimples and blackheads, from using treatment products to home remedies. If your pimples and blackheads are because of your health condition, it is better for you to consult your doctor first before choosing any treatment.

What is the best acne and blackhead treatment for you?

Going to your dermatologist is wise so you can have a clear explanation about your acne and blackheads. You also will know how worse they are. This is good to know such information before you do the treatment.

Acne and blackhead treatment with the products described by dermatologists

• Using glycolic acid cleaner to deal with acne is great to brighten the skin including the face skin. This gentle product will help exfoliate dead skin cells if we use it according to the directions. For those with sensitive skin, they can combine such cleaner with the extracts of marshmallow, chamomile, or sage.

• The products to deal with blackheads are gels of salicylic acid, milder retinoids, and enzymatic exfoliators.

One thing for sure when talking about how to treat blackheads and acne with prescriptions from your dermatologist is you should always remember moisturizers. All of the products you use should be water-based.

Natural ways to deal with acne and blackheads

• When it comes to acne and blackheads, cleaning is number one. So, you should wash your skin, especially the facial skin at least twice a day. Cleansing will remove dirt, bacteria, debris, and dirt from cosmetics.

• To dry out blackheads and acne and balance the level of oil on the skin, you should use astringents. The natural ones are hazels. If you use hazel astringent every day, your skin will be clearer.

• Baking soda and water are great to deal with blackheads and acne, so you should make a paste of them and apply the paste to the skin with pimples and blackheads. After a twenty-minute application, you should rinse your skin. You know that baking soda will kill bacteria and absorb excess oil.

• Use the acidity of lemon to dry out pimples and blackheads. Lemons also will make your skin become smoother and healthier.

It is great to know that we can use both chemical products and natural remedies to deal with our skin with blackheads and acne, right? It is greater if the article about acne and blackhead treatment can give you enough information.

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