5 Best Ingredients to Make a DIY Mask for Blackheads

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Is it possible to use a DIY mask for blackheads to solvethis problem? There are so many problems on the skin commonly suffered by people, mainly women. They are starting from acne, cystic acne, dark spots, blackheads, whitehead, and more. Of course, all of them are very annoying. Despite disturbing your daily appearance, those problems simply make you feel not comfortable.

Unfortunately, it looks like there are not so many solutions to the problems. Many products are indeed really tempting but not all people may experience good effects. So, rather than risking yourself by using products that are full of chemical substances, why don’t you try the natural one? in fact, there are some DIY mask ideas that help you to solve these skin problems. For the blackhead things, here are the most recommended DIY masks.

White Egg

It is very common today to see many mask products using white egg for their icon and main ingredient. Well, if they are like that, how about making a facial mask using the real white egg. Interestingly, this ingredient is not difficult to find around. Even with this kitchen remedy, you can just create your own DIY blackheads removal mask like those big beauty companies.

How to make it is very easy. Prepare the ingredients first; it is mainly the white egg. If you want, you can add another including honey, aloe Vera, or olive oil. You may just apply the white egg mix thoroughly on your skin.
But if you prefer the removal mask, prepare also some sheets of tissues or cotton or mask sheets available on the market. Smear the white egg of the sheets and apply it on your face. Wait for some minutes until it is dry and lift the sheet. You can just see that the blackheads are also lifted together with the sheet.

Lemon or Lime Water

Almost all problems on the skin are basically caused by the free radicals that stay there for a moment. So, it is reasonable if you may need to remove it from the root as well. Free radicals, toxin, or whatever you call it can be killed by using antioxidant as the weapons. Meanwhile, the antioxidant is also richly available on fruits or ingredients with a high content of vitamin C.

That’s why; lemon or lime water is a good solution for blackheads and other skin problems. Moreover, the way to apply it is also very easy as the face mask blackheads homemade. First of all, prepare some limes or lemons and take the water. You can just simply smear the water on the face or use a mask sheet to make it easier. Wait for around 10 minutes until it is dry. Next, take the mask off and wash your face with warm water. After using it several times, you can just see a good result on your face.

Aloe Vera

The next kitchen remedy that is very good for both health and beauty is aloe Vera. It is particularly the gel that indeed gives a cool and soothing effect when you are applying on the skin. So, how is to apply this DIY mask for blackheads?

First, take out the gel from the plant and make it smoother using a spoon. Add some water if the gel is too solid. It is possible also to add some other ingredients like honey, sugar, or olive oil. If you want to mix it with another ingredient, make sure that the composition must be balanced. It is about 50:50 so that you can get the benefits from both things.

Second, smear the aloe Vera gel or the mix thoroughly. Particularly in the blackhead area, you may apply it more and thicker than the others. After around 10-15 minutes, clean your face using warm water. Repeat the Aloe Vera usage on the next two or three days. The blackheads can be gradually removed as well as the skin is getting brighter and smoother.

Olive Oil

Nobody can deny how beneficial this oil is. Yes, it is mainly used as a natural food flavoring. But the content and nutrition inside make it really recommended for your body inside and outside. For the outer usage, olive oil is proven to give some good effects for the skin. It removes blackheads, acne, dark spots, and scars. At the same time, it makes your skin smooth and moisturized as well.

Just like the other types of face mask homemade for blackheads mentioned above, the way to apply olive oil is very easy. It is more recommended to use olive oil for skin treatment although applying the kitchen olive oil is not bad. You can also mix it with honey first before the skin application.
Apply the olive oil on the face. Wait it for some minutes until it feels dry. For some olive oil products, it looks crusty on your skin when it has been dry. Message your facial skin gently until the oil along with dirt and sebum is peeled off. Wash your face with warm water and facial wash to remove the oil completely.


Do you know that the flour for cake is also good for your skin? Well, in case you don’t know, yes, flour consists of nutrition to solve many skin problems. One of them is to get rid of blackheads instantly. How is to create a facial mask from this ingredient?

Just like making cake dough, put flour in a small bowl and then pour the water. For the composition, the flour must be much more than the water. You can add another ingredient for sure starting from honey, lemon water, or olive oil. Mix them thoroughly so that it is in the form of flour paste.
Apply the paste on your face entirely. It is also possible to apply it only on the area with blackheads like nose or chin. Wait for around 15 minutes until the flour mix is dry and crusty. You can peel the dry paste off to see the blackheads lifted along with it. The last step is washing your face cleanly with your favorite facial wash. Use this DIY mask for blackheads regularly for the best result.